Changing car color

Auto Glass Service Boston offers a new service – painting the car. We can paint your car both partially and the whole body. Often the car needs to be painted after repair and straightening of the body. However, painting is required even if the car doesn’t need repairs, just in time the car surface can be scratched and scuffed. These color imperfections can ruin the whole appearance of the car. Our service is guaranteed to restore the painting of your car.

Many modern car owners want to stand out and have the car of the unique color. You are sure to notice the bright pink, neon green or gold car on the road. However, such cars couldn’t be bought, they could be painted. In order to make your car unique you just need to pick a favorite color and shade, and we will qualitatively repaint it. In addition, our craftsmen can create drawings of any complexity on the hood, doors and even around the body of the car.

To recolor a car with Photoshop you need:

  1. Activate the Lasso tool <L>. Zoom in and using Lasso select the car or its part you want to recolor. If you require a more accurate selection, use the Magnetic Lasso tool. If you need to add or remove the selection, use the corresponding buttons on the Option toolbar of an active tool (Lasso or Magnetic Lasso).
  2. Use the command Image -> Adjustments -> Replace Color to open the Replace Color command dialog box. To select the color to be replaced, click on the parts of the car on the photo itself or in the preview window of the Replace Color command dialog box.
  3. Adjust color and saturation by moving left and right sliders of Hue and Saturation. Click OK to apply the setting.
  4. For comparison of the original and the edited result, you can use the History paletteOf course, it often happens that you like some color, but you can’t imagine how it will look in your car after painting. To this end, we encourage customers to use any online photo editing service to change the color of a car in a photo. This will allow you to see the whole picture. Only after you verify that you choose the right color, start painting the car.

Create your own unique and different color car in Auto Glass Service Boston!

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