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Dear Boston Auto Glass,

I recently got into an accident and my side windows shattered. When I was walking around my car to see all of the damage I started to notice something. It seemed that the broken glass on the ground from the side windows were not sharp, but almost round in shape. This seems so strange to me. I have seen a glass shatter and it usually creates many sharp pieces that can hurt you very easily. The glass that I noticed next to my car though did not even hurt to walk over in my shoes and when I picked a piece up, my fingers felt no pain either. I was just wondering how this is possible. Is the glass used to make up the side windows on my car made of something different that just regular glass? Ever since my crash I cannot stop thinking about it. Could your auto glass professionals please help me figure this out before it drives me crazy?

Dear Curious Crasher,

We are so sorry to hear about your recent car crash. We certainly hope that the worst damage was just your side window shattering and you or any other passenger was hurt. You are one of the first people we have come across that has noticed the difference between a regular piece of glass and a side window when it shatters. Yes, in fact the glass used in your vehicles side windows is completely different than a normal piece of glass. The glass used for your side windows is called tempered glass. This glass is used for all of its safety measures.

Tempered auto glass is actually made through a process of it going from extremely hot temperatures to cold temperatures instantly. By doing this, the glass is much stronger, and as you noticed during your crash, it breaks differently than other pieces of glass. When tempered glass shatters, it actually is broken up into small pebble like pieces. This occurs so that no sharp pieces are thrown around that can seriously injure someone. There is no reason to be injured by something that should be protecting you, especially after a crash has already occurred. Besides it not hurting you when it initially shatters, it also is very helpful when you are trying to get out of the car or if someone on the outside is trying to help you. You and others will not have to worry quite as much about these small pieces of glass hurting you. Yes, you will be able to feel them, but it will feel more like sitting or walking over small rocks than small shards of glass.

We really hope that this information has helped you rest easy. As you can see, your side windows are much safer and have much more functions than you may have first realized. We certainly wish that you will not have to see these pebble like pieces of glass around your vehicle again though.

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